A few things…

First, I received the first 100 rounds of 7.65mm Mannlicher ammo yesterday – Argentine surplus. It looks really good, and I’m really looking forward to trying it out at the range in a week or so! The common knowledge with this ammo is that it has pretty hard primers, although I’m not sure if the issue is really that or a lot of surviving 1905 pistols having weak hammer springs. Guess I’ll find out…my pistol seems to be in very good shape overall.

I was able to find stripper clips at Sarco, and they are in quite good condition. They fit the pistol’s clip guide just right, and they appear to feed pretty well too. Often loading pistols like this (or the Steyr 1912, C96 Mauser, etc) with clips is a difficult process to do smoothly and quickly, but it looks like that won’t be a problem for this Steyr 1905.

7.65mm Mannlicher ammo
Argentine fodder for my ex-Argentine pistol – perfect!

Second, we have a reader friend of the site who recently picked up a Winchester-Hotchkiss bolt action rifle (third model). He’s looking for instructions for disassembling the bolt, and I haven’t been able to find anything along the lines of a manual or schematic. Any chance someone out there has one they might share?

Winchester-Hotchkiss, 3rd model
Winchester-Hotchkiss, 3rd model