MG17 Adapter, and Some Grainy Old Video

First up, you may recall that a while back we had some photos of an MG17 belt-feed adapter salvaged from the wreck of an Me-109. The fellow who owned that piece was hoping to restore it to functionality, and use it on his MG15 ground gun. Well, he did finally get it completely disassembled and sent us some more photos:

He also came to the conclusion that it would be more work to fit onto his MG15 than the project is worth to him, and is wondering if anyone out there would be interested in having it for the parts – he just wants to recoup his initial investment. It is a left-to-right feeding adapter (they were mounted in pairs, so there are versions that feed both ways). If you are potentially interested, drop me a line at and I’ll put you in contact with the owner. He reports that the internals are in pretty good shape, with the exception of the rechtsförderung, which was pretty far gone and fell apart upon disassembly.

On a totally unrelated note, I also was sent a link to a YouTube video of some interest. It is a home recording made of the 1968 closing ceremony of Springfield Arsenal, when the facility was shut down for good. The film is short, jerky, and has no sound (think Zapruder film, but in black and white) – it’s really pretty lousy except for the subject matter. It’s hard to say for sure, but at about 0:44 in the speaker on the podium appears to be John Garand. Thanks for pointing that out, Lee!


Oh, and one other thing – I will be doing a couple hours of “ask me anything” over at Reddit on Sunday the 29th, from 4-7pm PST. I’m sure it will be entertaining (possibly too entertaining), and if you have anything gun- or non-gun-related that you’ve been wanting to ask that will be a chance to do it wil my undivided attention.