Maxim 08/15 Bipod Positions

I got an email from a reader named Philip who is a fan and collector of Maxim guns, who put together an interesting video on the use of the bipod on the MG08/15.

From his email:

The MG08/15 is often considered the blacksheep of the Maxim world. It does tend to rock a bit while shooting because of the standard mid gun rigid bipod mount. Even the Germans were not really happy about this as it does affect accuracy.

Well around 1936, the Germans upgraded their stock of MG08/15s in the Nazi rearmament program. One of things upgraded was the addition of a front bipod mount held on by a loop that is secured around the booster. This moves the bipod from the mid gun position to the front of the firearm. Since most Maxims in the US were brought home after WWI, these WWII upgrade parts are very rare in the US. This is not to say they are common in Europe either. For several years now I have been in search of one of these front bipod mount adapters. I felt that it would be a really interesting option for the MG and hopefully help increase accuracy. Well after half a decade searching, I was able to obtain one of these adapters. It needed a little work and paint as it had none.

After completing this work, it was time to take it out and see how well it worked. In the video you can see 4 different bipod positions. Bipod facing forward and backwards at the front and middle of the MG08/15. I have to report that I did not care that much for the new positions which was actually pretty disappointing after so long of a search for the part. However very few people in the US have ever had a chance to use on of these as there can’t be more than one handful in the country. It certainly falls into that forgotten category since those with them in Europe don’t get to shoot their guns! From what my German friends tell me the Germans consider the bipod rearward cant to be the correct position. I find the cant forward to be better in both bipod positions when I fire and I think you can see why in the slow motion part of the video.

Thanks, Philip! Definitely interesting to see the difference between the type of mounting.

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