Mars Automatic Pistols at James D. Julia

The Mars pistol was designed by Sir Hugh Gabbett-Fairfax in England in 1898, and only 81 were produced by the time manufacturing ended in 1907. These pistols were chambered for several different cartridges, all of them tremendously powerful for the day (and really not equaled by another self-loading pistol until the Automag). I have a somewhat lengthy article on the Mars, and I was very excited to have a chance to examine two more example of the guns in person at the Juli auction house.

These two both come from the collection of Dr. Geoffrey Strugess, and they are s/n 41 in .45 Mars Long (with a grip safety) and s/n 54 in 8.5mm Mars. Both excellent examples of the pistol, and both manufactured by Gabbett-Fairfax before he went broke.