Looking for Webley-Fosbery First-Hand Accounts

I recently got an email from Jonathan Ferguson at the British National Firearms Centre (better known as the Pattern Room) asking if I might have any first-hand written accounts of the Webley-Fosbery being used in combat during World War I. It’s well known that a bunch of these automatic revolvers were purchased by British officers, but there seems to be a total vacuum of primary source material on how they performed. It’s easy to find authors saying they were poorly adapted for trench warfare (which seems to be a safe assumption), but no reference to anyone who actually carried one of them saying so.

Webley Fosbery automatic revolver

I double checked through all of the Fosbery reference material I have, and sure enough, not a single first-hand word about their field performance. So I figured I’d ask you folks – does anyone have any first-hand account of a Webley-Fosbery’s performance in military service?