Looking for Some 7.65mm Mannlicher Ammo…

Update! Thanks to some leads I got, I now have 200 rounds of ammo inbound; half Argentine surplus and half modern loads made from .32-20 brass (and some great resources for other odd calibers I’m sure I will be needing in the future). Thanks to everyone for your help and recommendations!

I recently acquired a really nice 1905 Steyr-Mannlicher pistol, and I’m really excited to try it out on the range – but I’m having a bit of trouble finding ammo. Normally for something like this I would just wait and watch, knowing that I would come across the right stuff eventually…but I’m a bit impatient with the Steyr. The pistol feels great in the hand, has a pretty good trigger, and I have a bunch of stripper clips for it. Most unexpected of all, I can actually operate the safety without breaking my firing grip (and I’m lefthanded!). If the pistol is as nice on the the range as it has proven to be in dry handling, I am totally going to hire someone to make a nice leather OWB holster so I can carry it.

Steyr Model 1905 - no ammo!

But…I need to get some 7.65mm Mannlicher ammo (possibly also called 7.63mm Mannlicher by some people) first and get it to the range. The most common ammo appears to be 1940s Argentine surplus, which is noted to have pretty hard primers. My pistol seems to have a healthy firing pin spring, so I would be willing to but a box of the Argentine to try, if I could find it. The next most common option is buying brass from Buffalo Arms, but they are out of stock, and probably won’t be producing another batch for months.

So…if anyone has factory-loaded ammo or reloadable brass they would be willing to sell (or know where I can find either one), please let me know! Thanks!