Looking for a Bergmann 1910?

I’ve always had a crush on the Bergmann 1910 pistol, and I’ve posted about them enough that people looking to sell them often seem to find my comments. Today, for example, I have a gun shop in Texas – Outlaw Guns – that has one on consignment from a customer. Randy there sent me a few photos, but it’s not something I can afford to buy at the moment. If you’ve been looking for one yourself, here’s a possibility…the seller is asking $1800, although I expect there is probably a bit of wiggle room in that.

You can reach Outlaw Guns at 575-937-3117 (probably not until Tuesday, though), or by email at QUESK9S@aol.com. As always, caveat emptor – I haven’t actually handled this pistol myself, and can’t vouch for any detail about it. But they are elegant looking, aren’t they?

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