Live Charlton Reproduction

Are you one those odd people like us who saw yesterday’s post on the Charlton rifle/machine gun and thought it would be really great to own one of them despite (or, let’s be honest, because of) how ungainly they look? Are you a resident of New Zealand? If yes, you’re in luck – in Christchurch NZ there is a pretty big shop called Gun City, and they have a beautiful and fully functional reproduction Charlton LMG available for sale!

Charlton reproduction LMG

It’s not cheap at $9,999, but then again nothing awesome ever is. Considering the amount of work necessary to make a gun like this by hand (and our understanding is that this is the only one made; the builder having unfortunately passed away recently) it’s a screaming deal. An original example would probably bring ten times as much or more, and you’ll never have the opportunity to buy an original even if you had that kind of cash in hand and ready to spend. We aren’t really up to speed on New Zealand’s gun laws, but if you’re interested in becoming probably the only private individual in the world to own a Charlton, you should call up Adam at Gun City (+64 3 379 8888). You can see all their photos on their web site listing of the Charlton, or right here:

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