This rifle was submitted to the Light Rifle trials by the Woodhull Corporation of Millington New Jersey. It was largely copies from the Winchester model 1905 self-loader, and used the same receiver, bolt, and trigger assembly. It was a straight blowback design, and did not fare well in the trials.

The rifle weighed in at 5.5 pounds with a sling and 5-round magazine. It had a 17.25 inch barrel and an OAL of 29.8 inches. Despite the simple operating principle, it was a fairly complex in design, and suffered numerous ruptured cases and failures to extract. The examiners found it to have poor accuracy, heavy recoil, poor reliability, and difficult to operate manually or disassemble.

Woodhull made several improvements to the gun and resubmitted it for further testing in August 1941. It functioned much more reliably with these changes, which consisted mainly of hardening the barrel to allow a finer polish to the chamber. This solved most of the reliability problems, but the testers feared that once the chamber became worn the rifle would start malfunctioning again. It was dropped from the program after the primary trials.

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