This carbine was designed by John Pierce, and submitted to the Light Rifle trials by the Savage Arms company. It was a complex short-recoil design using more than 80 total parts. It was supplied with 5 and 20 round stick magazines and a 50-round drum, thought he 20- and 50-rounders were dropped from the test because they caused feeding problems. It weighed in at 5.45lb with a sling and 5-round mag, had a 16 inch barrel, and an OAL of 33 3/8 inches.

Testing went well until the breech bolt housing broke at round 2882 in the endurance test.  Up to that point, accuracy, handling, felt recoil, and reliability were judged to be good. The testers’ sole complaint was the rifle’s complexity to disassemble and large number of parts.

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