First Version

Springfield Armory submitted this rifle, designed by John C Garand (of M1 Rifle fame)  to the Light Rifle trials. It was unusual in that it used magazines mounted on top at a 45 degree angle, unlike the other entrants. It was a simple design, using only 44 parts and weighing a mere 4.9 pounds with a sling and 5-round magazine (OAL of 34 7/8 inches, and an 18 inch barrel). It was very well received in the trials, and the official report found it excellent in virtually all areas of evaluation – reliability in dust and rain, accuracy, recoil, and simplicity of design. Some felt that the magazine should be moved to the bottom, but most who fired it liked the magazine as it was.

Second Version

In the second round of trials, Garand and Springfield submitted a revised variant of the rifle. The primary difference was the relocation of the magazine to the bottom of the weapon, which necessitated some modifications to the design. The resulting gun was heavier (5.37 pounds with sling and magazine), and deemed less reliable and more difficult to disassemble.

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