Landstad Patent and Another Mystery Gun

A couple pieces of Sunday miscellanea…

First, thanks to Keith we have a copy of the Norwegian patent for the Landstad automatic revolver. He was able to coax it out of the Norwegian patent office, despite it being much too old to be in their online archive. Thanks, Keith! It’s a short patent and we don’t read Norwegian, but the additional drawings alone are pretty cool:

Landstad 1900 automatic revolver patent drawings
Landstad 1900 automatic revolver patent drawings (click to see the really huge version)

We also dug up a copy of a patent Landstad filed in the UK, to protect his ideas there (it was common for inventors to patent their idea in multiple countries). It’s very helpful to be able to read the text, although the Norwegian version has more drawings.

Secondly, we got an email from David, who is trying to identify a couple rifles. They are on display at the Belgian Army museum in Brussels, but unlabeled, and apparently the museum staff on hand weren’t sure what they were. I can’t identify them either, but I figure someone reading this probably can. Any ideas? They’re in a rack with a bunch of old Mannlicher straight-pull rifles, but those may or may not be related to these two.

Unknown rifles in the Brussels Army museum
Any idea what these are? (click to enlarge)