Japanese Type 97 Tank Machine Gun

While in Las Vegas last week, I stopped into Battlefield Vegas to check out some interesting machine guns (and join Tim from Military Arms Channel for a video). While there, the owner took the time to pull this Type 97 Japanese tank machine gun out of his personal collection for me to take a look at. It’s quite the cool gun, and all the more so because he also has a mounting socket for it cut out of a recovered Japanese tankette!

Japanese Type 97 tank machine gun

The Type 97 was a copy of the Czech ZB-26, and chambered for 8×57 Mauser ammunition instead of a Japanese cartridge. It was fitted with a 1.5x scope for aiming (as opposed to many other tank guns, which were simply walked onto target with tracers), and a complex stock that couple be used from the shoulder or folded out of the way when inside a vehicle. I wasn’t expecting to see one of these, and did not have a chance to do any in-depth research, so more details will follow later…

(Also, please note that the video link goes to Full30.com instead of YouTube – I am slowly transitioning my video hosting to Full30, as it is a much better provider.)