Israeli Dror LMG: Shooting & Disassembly (Video)

The Dror was an Israeli copy of the Johnson LMG, which was made domestically in Israel as part of Israel’s war of independence in the late 1940s. The design was developed through a combination of reverse engineering a Johnson LMG (clandestinely, in a New York hotel room) and technical data leaked to the Haganah by sympathetic employees of the Johnson company. The first version was chambered in .303 British, but this was quickly replaced by an 8mm Mauser version (ammo Israel had significant stocks of at the time) using modified BAR magazines.

Unfortunately, the Dror turned out to be rather unsuccessful in testing. Hopes were very high for it, and it was put into official production before field testing was completed – only to find that it failed many tests pretty badly. Ultimately it was used for training, but saw little or no actual combat use – the Bren and MG-34 were much more successful guns.

This particular Dror is a semiauto rebuild provided by my friend Mark (thanks, Mark!).