Introduction to Collecting Seminar

So, I was doing a bunch of driving this past weekend and had lots of time to think (a dangerous thing). Well, the thought occurred to me that folks might be interested in an “Introduction to Military Gun Collecting” seminar, and I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on the idea. I know a lot of regular readers here are extremely knowledgeable shooters and collectors, but there are also a lot of folks who are interested but haven’t had the time or obsessiveness to learn a lot yet.

The seminar I have in mind would be intended for the person who may or may not have a few military firearms already, is interesting in getting more into collecting them, and doesn’t really know what to look for. My goals would be three-fold; helping folks understand what they are looking at, preventing folks from getting ripped off, and enabling folks to recognize really good deals. It would be a class that would pay for itself pretty quickly, if you were in the target audience. Here are the main points I’m envisioning:

  • Focus on standard rifles and pistols from the major combatants in WWI and WWII (Germany, Italy, Russia/USSR, Japan, USA, UK, France, Austro-Hungarian Empire)
  • Cover the major variations of each weapon (using Russia for an example:  M91, M91/30, PU sniper, M38, M44, Ishevsk, Tula, early producers, and other Warsaw Pact variants)
  • Special focus on how to identify guns, so good pictures of different markings and explanation of what they mean
  • How to identify counterfeits, when applicable (like 91/30 snipers and No5 Enfield carbines)
  • One day timeframe – something like 9am to 4pm on a Saturday with a lunch break
  • Price ideally $99 per person, maybe a much as $150, including a catered lunch
  • Printed study guide also included in price (based on presentation slides/photos, so folks don’t have to try to memorize all the designations and markings)

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Please let me know what your thoughts or suggests are in the comments! For instance, would you rather learn about iconic but more expensive guns like German Mausers, or cheaper but less used guns like Swiss K31s and Steyr M95/30s?