Introducing InRange TV

I am very excited to introduce a new project today – InRange TV!

InRange is intended to be everything that cable TV gun programs have utterly failed to be: intelligent and educational, while still being fun to watch. Each episode will have 3-5 different segments on a variety of topics, including reviews and range reports on firearms (both old and new), practical experiments with guns and gear in the field, competitions, interviews with knowledgeable folks in the gun community, studies and recreations of historic gunfights, and much more. Unlike Forgotten Weapons, InRange will not be limited to unusual and exotic firearms, but will rather cover everything that we find interesting. It will, however, keep the same standards of quality content that you get here. Shows will be an hour long, and publish monthly.

The other big difference between InRange and my other work is that InRange is a pay-to-watch program. Karl and I have big ambitions for what we will be able to provide with the show and they require and actual working budget, and enough income to support us without keeping other full-time jobs. I realize this will require us to overcome a major internet prejudice against paying for content, but that is the only way we can make this show a reality and bring it to its full potential (short of a contract with the History Channel, which will not be forthcoming because the History Channel doesn’t do real programs anymore). We hope you will consider supporting the effort by watching our first episode! The asking price, after all, is less that a cup of coffee per month.

I should also point out that this is in no way a replacement for Forgotten Weapons – I will continue to publish the same type of material and at the same frequency as always. InRange is an additional project involving additional people, and if it takes off, it will actually be a benefit to Forgotten Weapons, by allowing me to travel more. For example, we recently filmed an interview with Jim Sullivan (one of the original AR15 designers) for an upcoming InRange episode, and while there I also filmed a video on a prototype .22 rifle he designed for John Wayne, which will be appearing here on Forgotten Weapons.