Introducing GunLab

We are quite happy to announce the launch of a second blog, which I think will appeal to many of the folks who read Forgotten Weapons. It is called GunLab, and will be discussing all aspects of firearms design, engineering, and fabrication. I am just starting a series of classes to develop my skills as a machinist (both manual and CNC), with the end goal of making reproductions of some really interesting old designs from scratch (and for real, not like the “gunsmithing” TV shows that have become popular recently). The GunLab blog will follow me through that learning process, as well as looking at issues like solid modelling, stamping tool design, magazine fabrication, barrel rifling, and more.

GunLab will be all info and no BS or scripted drama – “just the facts, Ma’am”. So if you’re interested in that sort of material, head over an take a look. We’re just getting started, and it’s going to be a heck of a trip. 🙂

GunLab - gunsmithing and fabrication info for amateurs and professionals