Interview with Nicole Wiley: German .22 Training Rifles

While I was visiting the Simpson Ltd shop in Galesburg, I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole Wiley. She is working on organizing a massive reference book on German .22 training rifles (like the Sportmodell and KKW), and was kind enough to give me a tour of Robert Simpson’s collection of these guns. Between his collection (roughly 1200 guns, plus documents and accessories) and several others, all the material is there for a doozy of a book, and Nicole is the one sorting and organizing it all for publication. It’s a huge job, but she has the passion and interest to make it happen, and I’m excited to get a look at the finished product when it’s ready!

If you have questions or are interested in these guns yourself, you can find Nicole and other enthusiasts discussing these rifles over at the .22 trainer and conversion area of