H&K P9S Video

When we think about roller-delayed blowback firearms, we generally think of H&K rifles – but H&K also made a miniature version of the system for the P9 pistol in the late 1960s. The P9 was made as a single-stack design in both 9mm and .45ACP, along with a target version (with adjustable sights) and a suppressor-ready version which is what we have in today’s video). The original short run of production was the basic P9, with a single-action-only trigger, which was quickly replaced by the P9S with a double-action trigger. The P9 was a pretty good gun overall, and I really don’t have any complaints about it after shooting (although the cocking/decocking lever is not necessarily intuitive).

Anyway, the P9 is the only roller-delayed blowback pistol ever put into mass production – so let’s take a closer look: