History of the FR-F1 and FR-F2 Sniper Rifles: Henri Canaple Interview


Henri Canaple is a former St. Etienne and GIAT gunsmith now in private practice, who has extensive experience rebuilding and tuning FR-F1 and FR-F2 sniper rifles for the French military and competitive teams. He also designed his own precision rifle, which came close to being adopted by the French military in the late 1980s – he gave me some photos and information related to that project, which I have attached here:

FR-P photos and information

M. Canaple was generous enough to share some of his time to speak to me about the history and development of French precision rifles, which I am happy to share with you today. Note that he speaks only French (which I do not), and while the interview starts out a bit choppy, we get the hang of it after a few minutes. Many thanks to Edouard L. for acting as translator for me and for providing the translated subtitles to the video!

XCL Rifle receiver photos: