Have You Called Your Legislators? Also, SHOT Show

Yes, I am going to harangue you again about the slate of new gun regulations that have been introduced into the House of Representatives. The gun-grabbers are splitting their wish list into ten different bills, so this will not be an all-or-nothing fight. They are trying to ban private sales, online ammo purchasing, most (10+ round) magazines, and more. If we can defeat these bills now with the media circus going on still, then we can defeat them any time.

There are two things we can all do that can actually affect whether we can maintain (and improve) our civil rights, and the short-term one is to actually talk to our representatives (the long term one is to introduce new people to shooting as a sport and carry as a habit). As a general rule, they only care about getting reelected, and if they think something is unpopular enough to hurt their chances at reelection, they will not pursue it. So take five minutes, and call your rep, whether they are D or R, and whether you voted for them or not. I’ll make it really easy – if you know your rep’s name, click here to get their phone number:

List of House members by name

Otherwise, go here, and find them by zip code:

Find Your Representative

Seriously, go do it now. Be polite, and tell them that none of these laws will stop a maniac, and all of them infringe on the rights of hundreds of millions of people who have done nothing wrong. More to the point, tell them they will lose your vote and the votes of all your friends and family if they support gun control legislation. It takes five minutes, and it will accomplish more than a dozen angry posts on the internet and an hour spent yelling at the TV.

Now that you’re off the phone, the other thing I wanted to mention is that we will be spending much of next week in Vegas at the 2013 SHOT show. There probably won’t be much there that is applicable to the blog, but it’s interesting to see what’s new and upcoming in the firearms industry. We always enjoy meeting folks who read the blog, so if you are also going to be attending and want to say hi, drop us a line and we can coordinate schedules. There will be blog posts lined up for the week, but email responses may take longer than normal.