Hatchet-Stock for a C96 Mauser

How’s this for something different…and maybe clever? I don’t have a source for these photos, and I can’t say if they date from 75 years ago or 75 days ago (although I would suspect newer rather than older). Allow me to present the C96 Hatchet-Stock!

china 007
If you’re going to carry a hatchet and a C96, why not use them together?

If you are going to pack an emergency toolkit in a car, why not fit a catch to the handle of your hatchet so it can function as a stock for a C96? The top of the hatchet head would make a decent enough buttplate, especially with that leather cover in place. Fitting them together would be as simply as salvaging the stock latch from a broken stock holster and cutting the hatchet handle to the right angle. Here in the US it would require filing SBR paperwork on the gun, but that’s not the case elsewhere in the world (and even here some people would consider this neat enough to pay the $200 tax and do anyway).

china 010
Just screw the latch to your hatchet handle…
china 009
…and you get an extra tool greater than the sum of its parts!