Guns that should have been

There are some guns that weren’t ever built, but really should have been. Like a paratrooper’s MP44. The shorty version of the AK is extremely cool, and it only stands to reason that a shorty Sturmgewehr would have been too. Well, we’re not the only people who had this thought. The idea was eating at a gentleman we know who builds guns for the same reason George Mallory climbed mountains (although not with the same consequences), and he decided to do something about it:

“MP44K” (click to enlarge)

And really, who knows? The Mauser company along had 500 personnel working in R&D during WWII, and we never know what weird and fascinating thing will surface from some cavernous Russian warehouse of captured material.

Also, as a side note, when I grow up and become a gunsmith, I want to be doing this sort of thing and not mounting scopes on hunting rifles or threading muzzles. 🙂