Gunnie Grafitti, and RIA Loot Has Arrived!

Thanks to Rock Island Auctions, it’s been Christmas in July here. An extended Christmas, because with the amount of care they put into packaging things it took me a while to get all my loot unwrapped:

For the rest of your gun fix today, I recommend checking out Isaiah F.’s site, Partisan Rifles. He’s got a neat collecting niche that he documents: rifles from the Balkans region that feature interesting or revealing “trench art”. As he puts it,

Old Balkans-region rifles from the 1800’s have shown me that decorating rifles was a common practice.  This tradition has been carried on well into the 1990’s.  A number of the region’s rifles bear initials, names, cities, dates, kill counts, and political symbols on them.  Most of these markings were made by irregular forces, or partisans, not connected to a government.  These markings give clues as to who used the rifle and when, and create a fascinating historical journey.

Neat stuff!