German Magazine Mistake

A piece of unusual trivia today. Magazines for the German StG44 were marked with the rifle’s designation in addition to the manufacturer’s code. Well, the gun started out life as the MP43 in 1943, and that’s what the early magazines were marked. By 1944 it had been modified here and there, and was redesignated MP44. The magazine manufacturers appropriately changed the marking to match. Along came 1945, and at least one of the factories simply assumed that the marking was for the date, so they changed their dies to read MP45:

German MP45 marked StG magazine
German “MP45” marked StG magazine

They were only made briefly, because the MP45 rifle wouldn’t quite be developed in time to see field trials during the war. Whoops! The production was changed back to MP44 (or StG44). Neat magazine to have, if you run across one.