Forgotten (Thankfully) Training Practices

Steve G sent us this video, a digitized copy of a training film made in 1936 by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. It’s a bit long at 15 minutes (and originally silent, now with a longer piano solo than you really want), but shows some interesting things – not the least of which being the reloading facility located right on the shooting range grounds, which includes equipment to recast reclaimed lead into new bullets. A few other observations that came to mind…

  • You know how we make fun of the Chinese over range safety? Well, how about getting a cigarette shot out of your mouth? (1:20 – and the guy nearly gets an ear piercing at 1:24)
  • Full Sabrina as a competitive ready position (7:22)
  • We may have improved training practices a lot since 1936, but pasting targets hasn’t changed a bit (8:56)
  • IPSC deja vu – some things haven’t changed at all (10:34 – though the hop-skip-and-a-jump isn’t really a good idea)
  • How many ranges would allow massed walking fire today? (15:13)

Of course, while I would like to think we have much better overall practices today, there are still some pretty cringe-worthy trainers out there today (take it away, Rick Taylor!).