Followup on IMA’s “Family Guns” TV Show

In the last couple days, I have had a couple folks tell me privately that I’m being too harsh on IMA, and shouldn’t have commented on their upcoming TV show “Family Guns” without having seen a full episode of it. As you can read in the comments to my initial post, Alex Cranmer has assured us the IMA had plenty of input on the editorial slant, and they are happy with the final cut of the 7 episodes that are completed so far. That gives me hope for the show, but I remain skeptical simply from an overarching distrust of TV production companies.

I can’t stand to watch Sons of Guns or American Guns because of their shameless use of every stupid “reality” show gimmick – fake deadlines, shouting matches, phony scripted “customers”, and complete omission of any factual or educational redeeming content. But lest anyone say that I just don’t like TV in general (although, frankly, I generally don’t), I really enjoyed following Top Shot. It did a great job portraying shooters as real everyday people (not TV mini-celebs), and showed them obviously enjoying the shooting and demonstrating impeccable safety. I think shows like that have a great positive effect on the public mainstream view of guns, and are an excellent tool to help safeguard and strengthen our rights. I would like nothing better than to see “Family Guns” have that same effect. If it becomes a big hit and makes IMA a giant pile of money at the same time, great! I don’t begrudge anyone financial success, and it would put them in a better position to bring us another Nepalese Cache (or maybe a few thousand Syrian Sturmgewehrs, once the diplomatic situation normalizes).

So, I’ll make this pledge: when the first episode airs, I’ll watch it with a completely open mind and write up a review for you guys with everything I think is good and bad (although I’m under no illusion that my opinion will have any effect on the show’s popularity). If it gives a positive and supportive view of shooting and gun owners, I’ll happily put my foot in my mouth and put up an add banner here for IMA for three months gratis. If it goes beyond that and is something I actually make a point to watch every episode of (and I’m a pretty picky TV watcher), I’ll make it six months.

Sound fair?