Dreyse/Kufahl Needlefire Revolver at James D Julia

Needlefire rifles were developed in the 1830s and represented and early effective type of breechloading rifle. As such, they were adopted by both German and French armies – but only in rifle form. Needlefire handguns were much less common. This particular design was patented in 1852 by a man named G.L. Kufahl in the UK, but ultimately manufactured under license by the Dreyse company. It was available in several configurations of caliber and barrel length, with this one being in .43 caliber.

After this was filmed, I did discover what the powder charge marking on the piece translate to – approximately 11.5 grains of black powder. In addition, the Prussian measurement system they were marked in was only in use until 1871 or 1872, meaning that they give us an end bracket for the date the gun could have been made. Between that and the “v” in Dreyse’s name, it can be narrowed down to between 1864 and 1872.