Dead Air PBS-1 Wolverine AK Suppressor

The Soviet Union produced and issued (on a quite limited basis) a suppressor for the AK platform, designated the PBS-1. It had a rather distinctive shape, and used a combination of baffles and wipes. Unfortunately, these original Soviet silencers are quite rare, and I have not had a chance to examine or disassemble one myself…so I have the next best thing. Today we are putting a few rounds through a PBS-1 Wolverine suppressor from Dead Air Silencers, a suppressor made specifically for the AK platform today which mimics the look of the original Soviet can.

However, since this isn’t an original Soviet can, we decided to cover it in depth on InRangeTV instead of Forgotten Weapons. So if you are curious about the quirks of suppressing AKs and military use of suppressors in general as well as their commercial use today, check out the video on InRange: