Czech ZK-420S at the Range

Another video for you today – we took a Czech ZK-420S out to the range to try out. This rifle was designed towards the end of WWII by the Koucky brothers in Czechoslovakia, and marketed extensively in the late 1940s. The design was not particularly exotic, simply being a gas operated rotating bolt. The large number of milled parts made for a relative high expense to build the guns, though. Between the cost and changing tastes in infantry rifles, if was not ordered in quantity by anyone.

It’s a real bummer that this design didn’t find any commercial success, because it is really nice. If you’re in the “wood and blued steel” school of rifle design, it’s particularly appealing, with sleek lines, good sights and trigger, great balance, and a nice smooth action. We did have some failures to eject, but I’m willing to make allowances for it being a semi-prototype rifle with 60-year-old parts and surplus steel-cased ammo.