Cutaway AK kits available at Apex

I have been a bit remiss, and didn’t notice the cutaway Polish AK kits that Apex Gun Parts has had for a while. Well, they went on sale today, and I just took the opportunity to pick one up. We’re big fans of cutaway guns here at Forgotten Weapons – they are great tools for learning how guns work and teaching folks with. Our reserve collection doesn’t have a cutaway AK, I’m fixing that right now.

Polish cutaway AK parts kit from Apex Gun Parts

At their sale price of $250 for a kit (not a complete gun, unfortunately – ATF considers cutaways still live guns so the receivers have to be chopped for importation), I think it’s a great deal – I doubt we’ll see these again anywhere else. As a side note, this is why we’re very happy to have Apex as a partner with Forgotten Weapons. They come up with some really neat stuff. So let’s see we can help them sell out of these cool kits!