Cool Extras

I have some extra neat stuff this week, so I figured I’d combine a couple things in another post this morning. First up is the first really cool Tumblr page I’ve run across: Rare Antique & Beautiful Firearms. It’s only been running for a week or so, so time will tell if they can keep up the volume of photos – but there is some very neat stuff there, like this gorgeous Schwarzlose 1898:

Schwarzlose 1898 pistol

Just an aside – I can’t find any contact info on the page, and would very much like to chat with whoever is running it – so if you see this, please drop me a line at Thanks!

Secondly, I have a project of my own from GunLab. It’s not quite the sort of thing we normally cover here, but I’m pretty jazzed about it, and figured I’d share the link anyway. 🙂
Rat Patrol!

Yeah, I’m reliving a show whose actors were probably all dead before I was born, I have a 1946 Willys Jeep that is running at long last, so I had no choice but to mount a beltfed on it. The video of the whole project is over at GunLab, or you can just watch it right here: