Chinese C96 Mauser Stock/Bayonet

Here’s an interesting item we ran across recently – a combination bayonet and shoulder stock made by the Chinese for the C96 “Broomhandle” Mauser (and also the TT33 Tokarev, I believe). This design is relatively recent, judging from the plastic handle, but shoulder stocks on pistols were very popular in China prior to WWII. The laws in place made pistols much more readily available than rifles, and did not limit the use of shoulder stocks on them. A pistol with a stock isn’t a real substitute for a true rifle, but it’s a decent compromise when rifles are unavailable. A great many of the pistols made in China have slots in their backstraps to fit stocks – C96 Mausers and copies, Astra 900s, Browning 1900s, and so on.

I’ve used a wooden holster stock on a C96 before (check out the C96 Mauser Showdown video if you haven’t seen it), and this bayonet stock doesn’t feel any less functional to me (although we have not shot a pistol using it). Clever idea, isn’t it?

Legal Implications

Sadly, this is a bit of a legal gray area. Typically, a pistol with a shoulder stock becomes a Short Barreled Rifle, subject to the NFA. However, ATF edict exempts Astra 900 and pre-1945 C96 Mauser pistols from this when used with original shoulder stocks (not reproductions). This stock is original insofar as it is not a reproduction of anything, but the regulations were clearly not written with any knowledge of its existence (not that we should assume that knowledge of guns is considered relevant when writing gun regulations). So would it be legal to use on  an unregistered pistol? We don’t know, and don’t feel like dealing with ATF to find out. We just used an airsoft repro to demonstrate it in this video.

If one did feel like registering an SBR, this item could make a neat piece of survival kit if you cut something like a Ruger MkII to use it. A very compact pseudo-rifle with a built-in knife. Just a thought…