China’s CF-98 Modular Service Pistol

China adopted this pistol in 1998 in a domestic 5.8x21mm cartridge, and also manufactured examples like this one in 9x19mm Parabellum for export. It is a design built around a sheet metal skeleton holding the fire control parts, with a polymer grip assembly that can be changed out. A rotating barrel locking system like the Steyr-Hahn and Beretta PX4 is used, and the magazine is a double feed type, unusual to find in handguns.

Overall, the gun is functional and reliable, but otherwise uninspiring. The trigger in particular is not very good by American or European standards. As with their recently developed bullpup rifle, it seems the Chinese military was looking for a weapon that was economical and functional…and not much more.

Many thanks to the anonymous collector who let me take a look at this piece and bring you a video on it!