Checking in with Apex Gun Parts

While we were at SAR West this past weekend, we of course took some time to check in with Jeff from Apex Gun Parts. We’ve been buying goodies from Jeff long before we started up the blog, and his customer service is second to none. Apex has one of the best selections of parts kits available right now (Sterlings, a bunch of AK variants, VZ-58s, Goryunovs, PKTs, and more) as well as tons of other cool stuff. One particularly neat little package deal is the Yugo AK Value Pack, which consists of a 30-round bolt hold-open AK mag, grenade launching adapter, and bayonet for $23. Just the thing to go with your M64 or M70 Yugo AK (and the M70 is the best of the AK variants, in our opinion). Anyway, we had a chat about what’s going on at Apex these days: