Caseless Ammunition Overview

Caseless ammunition has always been an interesting topic on the fringes of arms design – people keep trying it out, but none of the systems seems to really get a solid foothold in a civilian or military market. Ever wonder why? Well, a fellow named Jim Schatz gave a presentation at the 2012 NDIA Joint Armaments Conference in Seattle discussing the history of caseless ammunition and the characteristics of caseless rifle systems. We don’t know the man personally, but apparently he spent several years in the US ACR trials, and has as much hands-on experience with the H&K G11 as anyone. I wish I’d been able to see the presentation in person, because the PowerPoint slides that he used are both informative and humorous.

In fact, thanks to reader Juul, we have a copy of those slides for you, in PDF format. I would encourage you to take a few minutes to read through them – even as just slides, the pros and cons of caseless systems are made pretty clear. Here are a couple examples: