C96 High-Speed Video and Smith-Condit article

Now that I have this high speed camera to use, I am going to be making high-speed video a regular weekly feature, at least until I run out of guns to film this way. Today’s is (by popular request) the Mauser C96 “Broomhandle”:

If I can get another chance to shoot a Schnellfeuer, you can bet that I’ll take the camera along for high speed footage of that variation!

In addition, I had a fellow point out an article I had missed on the Smith-Condit military rifle. It was originally published in the May 12, 1910 edition of Arms and the Man (the NRA’s magazine at the time), and reprinted in the 1911/1912 volume of the Journal of the US Cavalry Association. It is interesting for giving a positive opinion of gas-operated shoulder rifles, which were often disparaged at the time. It begins with some discussion of the new MExican rifle (the 1907 Mondragon), and then transitions to the Smith-Condit (made by Standard Arms). Also of note, it is clear through context that Standard Arms was already manufacturing their self-loading rifles for the civilian market when they got involved in the military trials program, as the author comments that readers familiar with the Standard Arms rifles will easily recognize the military model. You can download the article (5 pages) here:

A New Military Automatic Rifle (May 12, 1910 – English)

Thanks for pointing that out, Kit!