Burgess Shotgun For Sale

I received an email from a fellow a couple days ago who has a Burgess pump shotgun that he is interested in selling. It’s a bit beyond my budget right now (and I would really prefer a folding model), so I told him I’d post his photos on the site and offer it up you you guys. These fixed models are more common than the folding ones, but are still quite rare and a very cool piece of history.

Burgess was building pump shotguns right around the same time as Browning and Winchester were improving the so-so 1893 into the classic 1897, and they had of course patented to concept of using the front handguard as the pump. Burgess had to find a different way to build his guns. What he chose was to make the trigger assembly and firing grip into the pump, which slide back and forth on the wrist of the stock.

Ron, the seller, says the gun is in good overall shape, and is not missing any parts. Externally, it is fairly worn, although it’s a bit difficult to say how much is serious wear and how much is good old-fashioned patina. This would be a good opportunity for someone who wants a shooter example instead of a pristine display piece. The asking price is $1500.

Full disclosure, I have no prior relationship to the seller, and I have not seen anything more about the gun than the photos below – I can’t vouch for Ron or the gun. That said, you can contact him via email if you are interested, and I hope he finds a good home for this very cool unusual firearm. And hey, if you decide to buy it and feel like loaning it to me for a video, I certainly wouldn’t object! 🙂