British and Japanese Ammo Docs

We have a couple more ammunition-related documents today, both in English this time (and courtesy of reader Robert). First up is the short one, a 21-page leaflet on Japanese ammunition markings. It was written just after the end of the war, for use by bomb disposal crews to be able to recognize all the various different types of Japanese munitions. The ideal way to handle dummy practice shells is, of course, much different than the ideal way to handle instantaneous-fused HE, and it helps to be able to tell the difference. The document covers everything from aircraft bombs down to basic small arms cartridges, with distinguishing markings of specialty ammo like AP or tracer in both 6.5mm and 7.7mm – could be very handy if you have some WWII-era Japanese ammo.

Japanese Ammunition Markings (English)
Japanese Ammunition Markings (English)

Second, and perhaps less likely to be directly useful but much more technical and detailed, is a 1924 British booklet (with 1926 addendum; 200+ pages) on ammunition, OU5267. It also covers all manner of ammo, from .22 rimfire training cartridges up to heavy artillery shells, and everything in between (including things like signal flares and depth charges). If it also nicely illustrated, with excellent color cutaway plates of various cartridges, fuses, etc. Like this diagram of a Fuse, Hydrostatic, Valve No.8, Mark I (a depth charge fuse):

Fuse, Hydrostatic, Valve No.8, Mark I

If you are at all interested in the state of British munitions in the mid 1920s, you will find this pretty neat, I expect – and it’s interesting to flip through and check out the pretty pictures for everyone else. 🙂

O.U. 5267 - UK Ammunition Pocket Book (English, 1926)
O.U. 5267 – UK Ammunition Pocket Book (English, 1926)