Book Review: The Schmeisser Myth by Martin Helebrant

“The Schmeisser Myth: German Submachine Guns Through Two World Wars” is a newly published history of SMG development from the Villar Perosa and MP18 through the MP38 and MP40, written by Martin Helebrant. Given that it is published by Collector Grade, it should be no surprise that it is an excellent volume, which includes both historical and developmental context as well as detailed collectors’ information on markings, variations, and production numbers.

Edit: Mr. Helebrant has requested that I amend this to note the contributions of several co-authors who made the book possible: Mr. Alex Cruiming, Arnt Nedrebo, and Reidar Daae – and editor R. Blake Stevens.

“The Schmeisser Myth” is available through Collector Grade directly, or at Amazon.

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