Book Review: Mauser Bolt Rifles by Olsen

Ludwig Olsen’s Mauser Bolt Rifles is one of the foundational reference books on the Mauser rifle, and deserves a place in the library of any bolt action rifle enthusiast. Olsen studies the rifle from its early single-shot, black powder beginnings through its ultimate expression as the Model 98, and the various offshoot models adopted by so many military forces worldwide.

The copyright to the book is owned by Brownells (and has been since the 1970s). They have made more than a dozen incremental improvements, and the most recent printing is definitely a better book than the earlier versions. The best bet is definitely to purchase directly from Brownells (they have it for $40), but I am including a link to it on Amazon as well, since other purchases you make after going through the link will help support Forgotten Weapons! 🙂

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