Book Review: Italian Small Arms of the First and Second World Wars

Good news for everyone interested in collecting Italian military firearms (yes, both of you)! Ralph Riccio has just recently published a new book on Italian Small Arms of the First and Second World Wars. Until now, there have been very limited options for English-language books on Italian guns, and Riccio’s new work is an outstanding end to that drought. It is 224 pages of very good research and even better photography, covering everything from the 1874 pattern revolver to the Breda heavy machine guns in glossy full color. So if you want to know the difference between an M91/24 and an M91/28, or what the heck the Beretta 1915, 1915-19, 1915-19 M1922, and the other early Italian pistols are, or want to see a variety of Italian experimental semiauto rifles, this is definitely the resource for you.

Copies are available for $69.99 through Schiffer – at this time it is not available through Amazon.