Book Review: Glock – The Rise of America’s Gun by Paul Barrett

The Glock isn’t a forgotten weapon by any stretch, but Paul Barrett has written a very interesting book on how the company got into gun manufacturing and how it grew so quickly.

Among other things, it talks about:

  • Glock’s initial goals for the company, which didn’t include any US sales at all
  • Glock’s recipe for grabbing police business away from S&W (notably lap dances and machine pistols)
  • How Glock was able to price itself into the market
  • The mysterious beautiful female CIA agent in Glock’s in-house firearms classes in 1990
  • Why terrible publicity equals great advertising

and, lest we forget…

  • How the H&K USP is even more invisible to metal detectors than the Glock 17

It’s a great read, and a real page-turner for anyone interested in guns and politics – and the hardcover edition is cheap on Amazon: