Book Review and a Refinishing Discount

As always, we have a book review to look at today, but we also have a neat video we put together for GunLab on hydroprint refinishing. On a recent trip down to Florida we had the chance to meet up with Scott from Hydro Print Services and take a look at the work he does refinishing guns (as well as other solid parts from cars, motorcycles, guitars, etc). The hydroprinting is a pretty cool process that allows you to have really intricate and colorful patterns and designs on firearms – if you are considering painting a gun with one of the bake-on or just spray-on products out there, you should just forget it and send the gun to Scoot (I say that with a half a dozen painted guns under my belt). Happily, he’s made the process easier by offering a 10% discount to anyone who mentions ForgottenWeapons when they place an order! So instead of spending your time looking at his rather unfortunate web site, check out the process in person with us:

And now, for our regular book review. We had a lot of interest in the FG-42 video we posted a couple days ago, and decided to check out the sole really good book on the gun. Many books make passing reference to the FG-42, but only one will give you an in-depth look at its design and history: Death From Above: The German FG42 Paratroop Rifle by Thomas Dugelby and Blake Stevens.

As always, you can’t go wrong with a book from Collector Grade. You can pick up a copy for your own library here: