Backlog of Video!

While I have been posting daily videos from the recent series of Rock Island Auction material, I have also been publishing the occasional video on InRange TV – and some of those would probably be of interest to folks here. So now that we have a hiatus from auction content, here are a few things you may not have seen:

1) Jim Sullivan on Bill Ruger and the Mini-14. I had a chance to interview Jim Sullivan (co-designer of the AR-15, and designer of the Mini-14, Ultimax, and other guns) a while back, and have this segment of the interview is about the design of the Mini-14 and a couple humorous episodes with Bill Ruger Sr.

2) A close look at the Soviet PU optic, which was used on the 91/30 and SVT-40 sniper rifles. At first glance it looks like a very plain reticle, but it actually has a remarkable amount of rangefinding capability built into the very deliberate choice of line and space sizing.

3) My friend Karl and I took a trip up to St George, Utah for a big steel match a couple weeks ago. It was 18 stages of shooting over two days, a combination of several different disciplines of action pistol shooting. In order to make it interesting, we both opted to shoot in “pistol caliber carbine” division, with Karl shooting his full-auto Lage/M11A1 submachine gun and me shooting an Inglis-made High Power with shoulder stock. Unfortunately the High Power was having serious extraction issues (which did not show themselves when I tested out the pistol prior to leaving for the match) which really clobbered my showing. However, I was surprised at how practical and effective the stocked-pistol concept did seem to be. It was far more convenient to carry than a carbine when not actively shooting, and the stock gave it excellent practical accuracy. Unfortunately, experimentation with this concept has been pretty much squashed by the NFA in the US. I will have a more in depth video on the gun later, but I did put together a highlight reel from the match of my malfunction issues and Karl looking impressive with his subgun:

4) On a slightly more goofy note, we also decided to try recreating an event recorded in several Old West gunfights, in which point-blank fire actually lit a combatant’s clothing on fire. Smokeless powder doesn’t really have the capacity to do this, but black powder firing creates a huge amount of burning particulate matter. So we rounded up a cut down 1860 Army revolver (a reproduction of a Mormon Danite “avenging angel”) and some period-correct clothing material (linen, muslin, and pure cotton) and gave it a whirl:

5) Lastly, just for viewing entertainment, I have a slightly artsy short video I put together of my Vickers machine gun and a rifle-rated steel target: