Announcing the Premium Membership Program

I am happy to announce the introduction of the Forgotten Weapons Premium Membership Program today! This is a way for folks who are interested to help contribute to keeping the site running every day, and also get some cool new goodies at the same time.

I do want to make clear that the web site content here will continue to be updated daily and visible in its entirety for free to anyone – there will never be a paywall in front of the content at Forgotten Weapons. Our whole mission here is to make information widely and freely available on these cool firearms.

The Premium Membership program is for folks who want to help support the site and keep it going – so I can spend my time traveling, researching, and writing material for you. In addition, your membership also brings you some cool bonuses:

  • Members-Only Forum access. Are you tired of trying to hold quality discussions about firearms history and mechanics in the public forums out there? As a Premium Member, you’ll have access to a discussion forum right here where you can talk with other community members in a polite and intelligent atmosphere.
  • Industry discounts. I’ve arranged several discounts with gun-related companies available only to Premium Members (and I continue to work on getting more). These can easily more than pay for your membership – for example, SMG Gun will give you $100 off one of their FG42 rifles as a member, and that pays for two years of membership just by itself! We also have discounts available for you on tshirts from 1791 Apparel, refinishing from Hydro-Print Services, and of course on DVDs from ForgottenWeapons.

Premium Membership dues are $50/year, which comes to less than 15 cents per day for all the content you get here. Is the site is worth that much to you? Then please consider joining today – thank you!