Live on “America Armed & Free” Radio Today

I’m happy to announce that I will be live with Charles Heller on “America Armed & Free” discussing firearms history and whatever else the conversation wanders into today, from noon until 2pm, Arizona time. It you’re in Southern Arizona, please tune in to AM 1030, KVOI to listen live – and I’ll add the link to the recorded show once it’s available.

I’m bringing a couple guns along to the studio to talk about, including an Israeli Mauser, a 1915 Mosin-Nagant made by New England Westinghouse, a Schwarzlose 1908 blow-forward pistol, and a Frommer 1910 long recoil pistol. If you’re listening in now, here are a few pictures so you can see what we’re looking at in the studio:

Israeli Mauser – note the Hebrew crest and small Nazi marking on the bolt. Rifle was originally in 8mm, and later converted to 7.62mm NATO by the Israelis.
Mosin-Nagant rifle made in the US by New England Westinghouse. This rifle was used by Russian forces, captured and reused by the Finns, and later exported back to the US as surplus. Along the way it picked up parts from Russian and French arsenals.
Left, Hungarian Frommer 1910 pistol – unusual for have a long-recoil mechanism like a Browning A5 shotgun.
Right, German Schwarzlose 1908 pistol – one of only 3 commercial handgun designs ever to use a blow-forward mechanism.