A Semiauto FG-42 up on Gunbroker

Rick from SMG Guns dropped me a line to let me know that he has put one of his 8mm semiauto FG-42 rifles up for sale on Gunbroker. In fact, it’s actually the exact demo gun that he had sent me back in 2013, which I did a review video about. A few things to know about this rifle – it is definitely a used gun, but has a new chrome-lined barrel installed, and Rick is selling it with a warranty just like a new gun. So basically, you get a nice and slick action with a brand new barrel and a guarantee. To me, that’s better than brand new. The starting price is $2500 (half that of a new gun), and the winner gets it right now, instead of having to wait for a new production piece (the wait time is a couple months right now, I believe). Why sell this one? Rick has made a couple tweaks to the receivers to make them look a bit more original, and so this is no longer useful as a demo and review gun.

Semiauto SMG FG-42 rifle

If you didn’t see my original review, I’ve embedded it below – but in a nutshell, these rifles are soft shooting, hard hitting, and oozing with awesome historical quality. Rick has done a great job building them, and they are great shooters. I think the 8mm version is preferable to the .308 for historical authenticity, and because they use available and high-quality ZB26 magazines.  I don’t know what the final sale price will be on this, but someone is going to get either a great deal, a free ticket past the waiting line, or both. If I had the money, I would be buying it myself instead of telling you guys about it. 🙂