2015 Calendar Preorder!

I am happy to announce that I will be making another Vintage Photo calendar for 2015! Last year’s calendar was a big hit, and I’ve been using one myself to track and plan posts for the web site. Click below to see the full details and place your order!

I dug through my collection of vintage wartime photos and found a completely new set of 12 images with a great mix of interesting and less-common guns, with a nice variety of nationalities, time periods, and locations. If you enjoyed last year’s calendar, you will definitely like this one too. And if you didn’t happen to see last year’s, this is your opportunity to have something different to look at every day on your calendar besides the typical landscapes, kittens, and farmhouses.

Dauntless SBD gunner - April
Dauntless SBD gunner – April

In addition to cool gun photos, you get some other elements as well. Since we have a zillion different things reminding us of holidays (and you folks in Europe really don’t care about US-specific ones like Thanksgiving or Father’s Day), I once again left them off the calendar. Instead, I have marked the birthdates of more than 60 famous and not-so-famous gun designers from all over the world. That’s a lot more interesting, right? Hopefully, including these birthdays will also help to spur interest in some of the lesser-known names as well – like the Federle brothers or Ludwig Vorgrimler.

US solider in Korea with a captured DP-28 - March
US soldier in Korea with a captured DP-28 – March

In addition, this year’s calendar also has captions describing each photo – that was an element that was not on last year’s and I had several requests to add it. All of this is printed on a nice glossy 100# paper, with a thick backing sheet, clear plastic cover, and spiral binding. I’m very happy with how nice the initial printings look, and I’m really excited to make them available.

Lewis gunners on Gibraltar - May
Lewis gunners on Gibraltar – May

I may be a bit biased, but I believe this is the best calendar available for firearms enthusiasts – it’s a great way to indulge an interest in how these guns were actually used. So get one for your own desk or office, and give a second one to a friend!

The price for the calendar is $15 plus shipping ($5 in the US; $15 internationally; no extra charge for shipping more than one to the same address). Forgotten Weapons Premium Members will receive the discounted price of $10 plus shipping (include your email address in the box when ordering, and I will refund the price difference to you). I will be taking orders until November 30, and the calendars will ship out the first or second week of December. All orders will be taken in advance, so I know how many to print.

Ordering is now closed. Thanks!